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Hello, I am Darko, a wedding photographer based in Slovenia, but happy to travel all over Europe to capture your big day in candid and authentic photos. I will create a photo story – a lasting memory of the people, moments and emotions of your wedding. If you are drawn to spontaneous and relaxed documentary wedding photography with a modern touch, we would be a great match. You can expect a professional and open approach. Keeping you happy and relaxed throughout the process and thrilled with the results is my number one priority. Your big day will be full of little moments of joy, love and other emotions – this is what I want your wedding photos to reflect. Find out more about how I work.

I would be honoured to be a part of your big day. Let’s talk about your wedding. Please contact me.

Poroka Pliskovica Hostel Kras

Poroka Pliskovica Hostel Kras Vsakič, ko se mi ponudi priložnost fotografirati poroko na Krasu, jo sprejmem z odprtimi

Wedding in Croatia

Wedding in Croatia I thought my wedding season was done, but I got an interesting email for a wedding in Croatia.

DiY farm wedding

DiY farm wedding Hi guys. New year was all peace and quiet with the family. Now it’s time to get back to work and

Wedding House Layer I Poroka Hisa Layer

Wedding House Layer This summer was crazy, lots of travels lots of work and lots of nice venues, so it was nice to work

Madeira Wedding Photographer

Madeira wedding photographer First time I heard about Madeira was years ago when my friend came back so excited and

Paris Wedding Photographer

Paris Wedding Photographer There is a lot going on in 2016 and one of them is me in Paris shooting wedding. It all

Kranj wedding photographer Poročni fotograf Hiša Layer

Poroka Hiša Layer Is it me or is it just Kranj in me that I see it in B&W. You think it could be colorful too?

Hochzeitsfotograf Salzburg Wedding photographer

Hochzeitsfotograf Salzburg Wedding photographer ”There’s a first time for everything” Wedding on Friday and

Ljubljana wedding photographer Porocni fotograf Orehov gaj

Ljubljana wedding photographer Porocni fotograf Orehov gaj ”What a small world”! While driving home after

Vila Podvin wedding photographer Poročni fotograf

Vila Podvin wedding photographer Poročni fotograf Howdy.. This was one of those weddings when you stay a bit longer and

Krvavec wedding photographer Poročni fotograf

Krvavec wedding photographer Poročni fotograf We spent amazing morning in sLOVEnian mountains to shoot this two

Zagreb Wedding photographer

Zagreb Wedding photographer Howdy! This was our first wedding in Croatia and it was fun. The party was crazy, so we