Wedding in Provence La Bastide des Barattes

Howdy. As I'm trying to write this post I'm thinking about the time and how it just flew by. My son is almost 3 years and he was about 6 months when I took the trip to France. I have a ton of weddings from the year 2017 that are not online. Just like this one. As I was driving to the wedding in Provence, La Bastide des Barattes, my mind was filled with thoughts about France countryside, gorgeous houses and lots of lavender. Unfortunately, on this Saturday, it was raining. The ceremony was meant to be outside but then we did it the living room. As I'm not the smallest person around and about 60 guests in there it was challenging to work. I was hardly moving and trying not to make a distraction, but the photos are just field with emotions. Please take a look a the post and feel free to share your thoughts.

Thank you, Darko

Wedding venue: